• Gcheung28

    Hey, roleplayers! If you love reading and creating your own stories, why not check out this great giveaway contest we have for the new app, NARR8? The app is a free interactive digital content platform that allows people access to an extensive library of motion comics, interactive eBooks, and educational entertainment.

    Aside from the app being a cool way to read the cool things people have written, NARR8 has decided to provide a tablet for ONE winner in a special Wikia giveaway contest! If you're interested in entering, check out the contest now!

    NARR8 Giveaway Contest
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  • J4N3Y


    June 14, 2012 by J4N3Y

    Greetings users of the Glee RP Wiki. It is I, J4 once again with another annoucements. Though I have absoultely no power over anyone since I'm only a Roll Back, I still feel a need to address an issue to the administration and the users.

    I've realized over the past couple weeks that we are missing a ton of location pages for the schools and though I'm doing the best I can by adding and editing the pages, I feel like I'm the only one adding the location pages. If we all pitch in, we can finish the location pages which means we'll be one step closer to opening the RP site to the RPing Gleeks! Listed below are some location pages that need to be made, a list mainly made by Orb and I. Also with the list of the location pages needed are pictures…

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  • J4N3Y

    Chat Problems

    June 3, 2012 by J4N3Y

    Greetings users. If this wiki ever happens to undergo chat problems, "chat" will be held here ... I decided to make this a pre-cautionary measure, due to the lags of chat that I've experienced in CHBRPW.

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