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Bryan Sanders
Bryan Sanders
Bryan Sanders with his guitar
Important Information
Gender Male
Family Rebecca Sanders (wife), Marlon and Jaimee Sanders (children)
Status Alive, 32, Married
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Dark Brown
Height 5' 11"
Affiliation McKinley High School

New Directions

Clubs Glee
Year Teacher, Director
Talents Singing

Dancing Piano Guitar

Home Lima, Ohio (current)


Mr Sanders has thick brown hair, fair skin and wears glasses. He is 5 '11" in height and has average weight. He mostly wears a long sleeved white polo, a black tie, black pants and black shoes.


Mr, Bryans Sanders is a kind teacher and a cheerful one. He is very affectionate to his tsudent and appreciates them very well. He teaches his subject with all his heart as well as developing the glee club. He is ope to any opinions and suggestions and thinks them over.


Bryan Sanders was born to a businessman and a housewife. Bryan was an only child. Because of this, he gets many attention mainly and only to himself. He grew up as a kind and cheerful person who appreciate many things about the world. His father and mother loves him very much. He started to attend school at age 4 until he finished high school. He took the course Education under History and went to study it at Washington D.C. At age 24, he finished his studies and returned to Ohio, his birthplace. Along his college life, he developed his talents and singing and playing the guitar and decided to take lessons. He learned form his own friend, a killed vocalist and guitarist named Matthew. After finishing his traing, he later took interest in water activities and took Swiiming, Scuba Diving and Water Polo Lessons. He also took interest in Playing the Piano which was taught to him by his own mother. Atage 27, He got employed to William McKinley High School as the History Teacher and the Director/Moderator of the Glee Club.


Mr. Sanders is good at singing and playing the piano. He is also a skilled Guitarist and also enjoys swimming and underwater activities.